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tv   News 4 at 5  NBC  September 14, 2012 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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her computer screen. it was a live feed from the state board of health meeting in richmond. they were voting on a set of regulations. usually that doesn't sound very exciting, does it. >> i'm just overwhelmed. >> reporter: that's because the outcome could likely determine if the falls church health care center continues to exist. these regulations govern areas such as the size of janitor's closets, even the number of parking spaces at her facility, the same as they would to a new hospital. >> there's been a lot of change in hospital construction in new hospitals. our existing fairfax hospital cannot meet these 2010 new guidelines. >> reporter: but after the vote, the falls church health care center would have to. it redefined clinics as a class of hospital, thus bringing them under the same regulations. the state board of health had voted that existing facilities like the falls church health care center could be exempted from the new regulations, or grandfathered out. but state attorney general kicked it back to them, refusing
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to certify their vote. on this day, the amendment was defeated, hence were the expectations about the outcome. >> i did not see this coming. because i really did trust the medical professionals and the board of health, and now i've been proven wrong. >> reporter: supporters of the regulation say they would ensure the safety of women who use these clinics for gynecological care, legal abortions or whatever. but she said it was more than sufficient and now new regulations could put them out of business. >> i think medicine is being practiced by the legislature, and by the attorney general, and i don't think that they've been approved by the office of professions here of health in virginia to do that. >> now, regulations like this have been proposed in a number of states, and their passage in tennessee and kansas led to clinic closings. rosemary said a real possibility for her is that this facility would close as well. she expects there will be some sort of legal action before that happens. >> the latest now on the murder
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of u.s. ambassador chris stevens and three other americans in the attack on the u.s. consulate in libya. the remains of the fallen americans have come home now. nbc white house correspondent mike va cara joins us with the story. >> rorter: it was a solemn and somber ceremony at a joint base andrews this morning, somewhat of a surprise the white house had scheduled this late in the morning. the president traveling to joint base andrews, accompanied by the secretary of state hillary clinton. the secretary of defense leon panetta. chief of staff here and other top officials. the remains of those four, and let's name them now, ambassador chris stevens, sean smith, glen doherty, tyrone woods, who perished in the attack on the american consulate in benghazi, libya. the president and hillary clinton both spoke very forcefully, and a very solemn ceremony. we can't emphasize that enough, as the bodies were brought off the c-17 having just arrived from germany, and to joint base
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andrews. ultimately they will go on to dover, delaware, where they will be repatriated. >> the people of egypt, libya, yemen, and tunisia did not trade the tyranny of a dictator for the tyranny of a mob. >> even as voices of suspicion and mistrust seek to divide countries and cultures from one another, the united states of america will never retreat from a world. >> jim, this on a day when u.s. embassies across the middle east are under siege. in cairo, things have seemed to calm down there somewhat. in yemen, all the way to indonesia. now, the situation is very volatile. we've heard the president and others condemn that film that has instigated -- the youtube video that instigated this violence. but in benghazi, u.s. senators briefed by top officials today saying they do not believe this was an uncoordinated attack.
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they cite the weaponry that was involved, rocket-propelled grenade and other heavy weaponry, they believe it was something planned and coordinated. >> mike, thank you. heightened security tonight at two universities after they received bomb threats. police say a man claiming to be with al qaeda called the university of texas at austin this morning saying he had placed bombs throughout the school. thousands of students and teachers were evacuated. a similar claim of explosives at north dakota state university. police and fbi did not find any explosives. and a third school, valparaiso in indiana also receiving a threat. classes have resumed tonight. disappointment for family members of a former death row inmate in prince william county today. a judge has denied bond for 31-year-old justin wolfe seen on a website set up by his supporters. he was convicted of hiring someone to kill his marijuana supplier in 2001. but the conviction was recently
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overturned on accusations of government misconduct. >> his attorney pointed out, he is a changed man. and he's spent ten years on death row. enough is enough already. >> it's time for this to end. enough tax dollars have been spent trying to kill an innocent man. >> prosecutors have not said what charges they plan to bring against wolfe this time. today, the man at the center of a scheme to steal thousands of dollars from struggling homeowners was sentenced for his crime. authorities say carlos sanchez preyed on latinos. darcy spencer is live at the courthouse in rockville with his sentence. darcy, this really preyed on vulnerable victims. >> reporter: these victims were certainly vulnerable, but they were also very desperate. some were in the process of losing their homes. some were going to lose their businesses. they put their trust and their money in this man and he
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violated that trust. some of them lost almost everything. >> this guy is very persuasive. >> reporter: jose is nearly one of a dozen victims in a mortgage fraud scheme perpetrated by this guy, carlos sanchez. molina said he lost his radio station business when sanchez took several thousand dollars from him but he never got the $1 million business loan he promis promised. >> are you stupid or what, people ask. this guy had the skill to convince anybody. >> reporter: sanchez was sentenced to seven years in prison after a jury convicted him in july. the state's attorney said he preyed on fellow latinos who were close to losing their homes and businesses. >> he targeted these individuals with the thought that the people he was targeting would never report their crimes, or bring to the attention of the authorities the fact that they had been
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scammed. >> reporter: franco scammed the victims out of nearly $50,000, then spent the money lavishly on themselves. according to court documents, the suspects wouldeet their victims in random places like a dunkin' donuts to do the deal. prosecutors say that should be a warning sign that they may not be legit. the suspects were working under the business name metropolitan financial. but in some cases, words on their brochures were misspelled. >> these guys never were licensed to do mortgages. their company didn't exist. >> reporter: sanchez told the judge before he was sentenced, i just want to apologize to the people who got hurt. i never meant any of these things. some of his friends told reporters he's an innocent man. >> what do you think of the seven-year sentence? >> i guess i can't think much of it, because it's not for the right person. it's not for someone who did anything. >> reporter: now, the co-defendant in the case was ordered to serve six months in prison, after pleading guilty.
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and he's in the process of being deported. today the judge ordered that the defendant pay restitution to these victims. but there's no way to know whether they'll ever see any of their money again. darcy spencer, news4. tonight the friends of two high school students who were killed in prie george's county are making sure they are not forgotten. today, students and staff pay tribute to the memory of marckel ross. they released light-blue balloons on the football field. that was his favorite color. marckel was shot and killed on his way to school earlier this week. >> holding on, praying. if it wasn't for all my support, i don't know if i could make it. but -- it's hard. it's hard. because i want to know who done this to my son and why. >> last night police went back to back-to-school night to talk to parents about this case. just a few miles down the
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street, police are reaching out to the community for help solving another teen murder. 17-year-old honor student amber stanley was shot to death in bed at home. in kettering last month. today officers handed out fliers on the crime, hoping to drum up some new information about her death. >> we meet here routinely with our residents, just to speak casually about crime trends and patterns. so today is not an exceptional day. it's just that the information we're handing out today is, you know, related to a murder. >> police emphasize the tips or information on this case can remain confidential. well, after a week of perfection, there's a front rolling into our area, and it could bring some rain. doug's in the storm center with an update. >> yeah, you know, we're looking at a pretty good day right now. a little more in the way of cloud cover than we've seen all week. but still, a beautiful, beautiful afternoon. rit now, 81 degrees. dew point of 60. winds out of the southwest right now, calm, that's good news, too. but the dew point is up there a little bit.
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some people have noticed the added humidity in the atmosphere. 81 in gaithersburg. and 81 towards manassas. a front making its way toward the region. showers associated with that front. back to the pittsburgh region. but for us, that front should move through, most of us on the dry note. how about st. mary's county. 76 by 7:00. 70 degrees by 11:00. and isolated sprinkle around 11:00. and tomorrow, abundant sunshine. this weekend is looking fantastic. then i'm watching a big storm moving in early next week. i'll talk about that storm in a minute. >> thank you, doug. still ahead, a brazen midday robbery in one of our area's nicest shopping districts. a high-end store hit by robbers who were in and out in seconds. plus, thieves conning representers out of thousands. you could be targeted even if you're not in the market for a new place. a private moment for will and kate photographed by paparazzi. now they're taking action
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this time of year is peak time for people moving, and for the scammers who want to take advantage of them. but before you fork over the cash for that dream home you find online, the news4 i-team
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tells you why you need to do some digging into the deal. here's investigative reporter tisha thompson. >> reporter: moving to d.c. to work at the pentagon, a member of the u.s. navy thought he had found a great deal online. >> this gentleman happened to be part of the armed services. and that makes it even worse. >> reporter: a one-bedroom furnished apartment, utilities included. the sailor filled out this application. all he had to do, send in $2,500 to cover the first month's rent and security deposit to the owner, sal gordon. >> when you google solomon gordon, i'm it. i have no idea what that -- where that is. >> reporter: the real gordon? doesn't own that property in arlington. he's actually an insurance salesman in montgomery village, maryland. >> they're using my wonderful mug without now, of course, i had a beard then. >> reporter: the scammer used gordon's name and picture,
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plucked off the web. >> it's making it look more sophisticated and tied to reality when in fact it's fraud. >> reporter: special agent in charge said the fbi has people working on these types of complaints every day. >> in fact, today i received three just before our meeting. >> reporter: he said scammers are getting more sophisticated, using elaborate teams around the world. >> for local police, they don't necessarily have the resources to track it down to another country. >> reporter: they found the number in gordon's ad also in miami beach rentals. >> i hate to think these people being conned thinking about my name, sol gordon, look what he did to me. >> reporter: the fbi does go after these crooks when there's multiple victims. but they need to file a complaint. you can protect yourself. check property records to make sure the person advertising owns the place. visit the property or have a friend do it for you.
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never wire any cash. most owners will accept checks. and find out the base rate for similar rentals. >> they're charging $1,000 for this unit. that is too cheap. >> reporter: the guy trying to rent the apartment only found the real sol gordon when he googled his name trying to find a phone number so he could contact him. good thing, because the apartment he wanted, 1338 doesn't exist. in fact, the whole 13th floor doesn't exist. in arlington, tisha thompson, news4 i-team. you have to file a complaint, or the fbi can't investigate. we have a link on our website . so, the party's over, huh, doug? >> not yet. >> but it's time to start saying our good-byes. >> get to the weekend. >> get to the weekend. that's the good news here. we started off on sunday, we went all the way through this week with great weather and now
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we have saturday and sunday, the weekend to top it all off. kind of like we had dinner, now we get dessert for the weekend. now you have to deal with everything else you ate a little bit later. out there today, not bad at all. as a matter of fact, a fantastic friday. but just like we told you yesterday, we're dealing with a little bit more in the way of cloud cover across our region. that's because we have a frontal boundary just off to the west trying to make its way our way. currently sitting at 81 degrees out at the airport. the winds are calm right now. the dew point is up to about 60 degrees. the highest due point we've seen all week long. 82 right now in martinsburg. there is warmer air off to the west. 86 in cumberland. 87 in petersburg, west virginia. the warmer air trying to move in, that moisture trying to move in here. and we have some rain. not around our area right now. you can see the shower activity associated with this frontal boundary up through the pittsburgh area and then back down through kentucky, a few
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light showers. this front will move through our region. mostly as a dry front. i'm not really too worried about rain, if you're thinking about going out and about tonight. i don't think you'll have a problem with that. nice weather for us ahead of the front. here comes the front. the rain just fizzles out. once again, maybe just an isolated sprinkle. by tomorrow morning, this front's already through here. we're looking at plenty of sunshine. high pressure, once again moves into the area. and dominates just for the weekend. so saturday, and sunday, both looking good. sunday could have a few clouds out there. still a very nice sunday. but then we move on to next week. and we have a deep trough, a big-time trough in the middle part of the country that will move our way. it will pick up a ton of moisture out of the gulf of mexico, off the atlantic ocean, move up our way. it will proceeduce a lot of rai. we could see winds to 30 miles an hour. i'm not expecting any severe
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weather, not a lot of thunderstorms with this, but again, winds could be gusting to 30 miles an hour, and with heavy rain out there, that's not a very good monday and tuesday. so enjoy the weekend. this evening, partly cloudy. a nice evening. temperatures 71 to about 75 degrees. tomorrow morning, that front will already be through and you'll wake up to great conditions. gorgeous, as a matter of fact. 54 to about 63 degrees. as you move on through the next couple of days, here you go. great through the weekend. and then the rain moves in monday and tuesday. but then it's out of here. and we get cool. highs on wednesday with plenty of sunshine. only around 73 degrees. so for the most part, you won't need the umbrellas, but you will for those two days. >> we're ready. still to come on news4 at 5:00, we told you about wednesday, undocumented immigrant hits the lottery. and then says he was scammed out of his win igs and now he's facing even more problems. an e-mail circulating around a government agency is supposed to celebrate his culture. but some hispanics say they're
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offended. more on the online outrage ahead. in sports, friday night lights takes us to loudon county to meet the new kids on the block in a powerful football neighborhood. then tonight at 6:00, new video just in to news4, police hope to catch a metro stalker hope to catch a metro stalker who has attacked another rider. i'm barack obama, and i approve this message. mitt romney's position onlker women's's dangerous.
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vo:mitt romney and paul ryan would get rid of planned parenthood funding. and allow employers to deny coverage for cancer screenings and birth control. we can't afford to let him take away our choices... to take away basic health care. vo: both backed proposals to outlaw abortions...even in cases of rape and incest. i don't think that women's health issues have faced a crisis like this in decades.
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friday, you know what that means. >> friday night lights. >> strike up the band. the pep rally is getting started. we found one school where the number on the scoreboard doesn't matter as much as the journey to the final whistle. zachary joins us live with more. john champ high school, is that right? >> reporter: that's right, john
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champ. i'm out here at a beautiful new complex out here, central high school's in the house tonight to take on john champ knights. if they don't ring a bell, that's because they're a first-year school out here trying to break into a loudon county football landscape. how many state champions have they had around here lately? five state champions in this area over the last five years. with no tradition, and with no seniors, head coach jason dawson knows it's going to be tough sweating ahead. that's why he's preparing his players for the challenge by mentally getting them ready to go. the. >> no matter what you do in life, you get knocked down. whether it's a husband, father, a homeowner, or, you know, coach or business owner, you go through bad things in life. it's not if, it's when. and those things in life shouldn't define you. it's what you do with those things that happen to you should define you. that's what we're trying to teach these kids here.
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>> reporter: just like the architect who designed john champ high school from the ground up, jason dawson is of a different kind. >> everything in this world you want in life you better go fight for. everything in this world that you think you hold true, you better take care of. because if you don't, somebody will come in and take it. and on the football field it's your job. >> reporter: dawson has been tasked with breaking in the loudon county football landscape. but it doesn't take long to figure out his approach is different. >> if you grow up in a house with a good role model as a father. you have that leadership example and you're able to grow and progress very quickly. and that same thing happens in sports. when you come in as a freshman and sophomore, you go to the practice field and see what the seniors are going, that's how hard you practice, that's how hard you run and play. that's what a huddle sounds like. we don't have that here.
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>> reporter: none of which dawson has much control over. but he did have control over his staff. in preparation for what could be a long season, he assembled the most battle-tested group he could find. >> the guy who struggled to start his own business, the one who lost a parent growing up, the former division 1 athlete, all learned the art of winning in the face of adversity. >> those times in life, the huge growth spurts we take in life come from really difficult situations. and that's what i think at times this year, it's going to be for these kids, it's going to be a difficult situation. >> reporter: so john champ will try to get one in the win column tonight. we'll have the highlights at 11:00. jason dawson, he was on the coaching staff of broad run. if they can get it done, they think he's the guy to do it. >> zachary, thank you so much. they may have varsity blues, but no seniors on the squad, but amazing opportunity for the kids
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to look important life lessons. when you fall down, get back up. >> absolutely. >> yeah. >> got some good years ahead of them. >> that's right. >> thank you, cheryl. coming up, four men rob a high-end store in the middle of the day. >> reporter: now, there is shoplifting and then there is shoplifting. but this is shoplifting on steroids. i'm pat collins. i'll have the story coming up in news4. the royals strike back. they're taking legal action against a newspaper publishing compromising pictures of will and kate. go, david. the "today" show breaks it down. a dance craze catching on quick.
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a fast forward through the headlines. a solemn ceremony in andrews today. the remains of ambassador chris stevens and three other americans have come home from libya. all four were killed in the attack on the american consulate in benghazi september 11th. a big blow for abortion rights supporters in virginia. the commonwealth board of health will force 20 clinics to meet the same architectural standards as a new hospital. supporters say it's about insuring safety. critics say it could force clinics that legally perform abortions to shut down. the man behind a scheme to steal thousands of dollars from homeowners in trouble got seven years in prison for his crime today. prosecutors say carlos sanchez preyed on fellow latinos who were close to losing their homes and businesses. before sentencing, sanchez apologized to his victims. let's fast forward to the weather. >> out there right now, a pretty
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nice afternoon. a few more clouds than we've seen over the past couple of days, that's because of a frontal boundary. right now, the rain is above the pennsylvania border. slight chance of a sprinkle overnight tonight. weekend and early next week, lots of changes over the next couple of days. some great, some not so great. depending on what your thoughts. oh, it was a brazen robbery at a high-end bridal boutique that happened in just seconds today. pat collins is live there, explains, it wasn't cash that the thieves were after. hey, pat. >> reporter: not at all, wendy. the scene, sachs, not so subtle. shoplifters break in and steal handbags left and right. a retired cop was here, he saw it all. >> i've seen a lot of things. i see it on tv.
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but this is the first time in my whole police career, that i've seen it in the flesh. >> reporter: that's paul hill. he's an ex-d.c. cop. he said he's never seen a crime so bold and brazen than what he and his wife saw today in friendship heights. they were on their way to a doctor's appointment. four guys pull up in a malibu car. they get out of the car. they lock the car. and then those four guys walk into sachs. four guys. they don't sell men's suits here, they sell fancy women's stuff. the hills, they got suspicious. >> four big guys. >> reporter: going into sachs jandel. >> i said, something's going on. sure enough. that was it. >> how many handbags did they
5:34 pm
have? >> i don't know. they had their arms loaded from wrist to elbow. >> with handbags? >> expensive handbags. >> reporter: the thieves come out to make their getaway. they get into that malibu car, and a woman from the store comes out to try and stop them. >> this one lady, i think she managed the store, she runs out, runs in front of the car, and she goes like this. the car's moving. i said, please, don't hit her. then she runs to the door, she's trying to hold the door. >> and then she got back up on the sidewalk and then they sped away. >> reporter: i draw your attention now to saks fifth avenue, the store across the street. august 19th, a similar handbag heist. sources say more than $75,000 worth of handbags taken from saks on that day.
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was that incident related to this incident? police are investigating. pat collins, news4. royal officials say it was a grotesque abuse of privacy. britain's prince william and his wife, kate, are now suing a french magazine that is publishing topless photos of her. the photos were taken when the couple vacationed recently at a remote private home in the south of france using a telephoto lens. the couple are in the middle of their asian tour right now which they plan to continue. but they're said to be terribly saddened by all this. the magazine that published the photos denies invading their privacy. well, one of the most anticipated electronics, the iphone 5, is now available. the latest creation from apple went on sale for pre-order earlier this morning. it will ship out next week. it boasted a larger screen, faster processor and better camera and smaller docking connector which has upset some apple fans. they now have to buy all new accessories with this new
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connector. also, heads-up to sprint and verizon customers, the iphone 5 will not allow you to surf the web while on a phone call like at&t. new trouble tonight for a local undocumented immigrant who said he was scammed after hitting a lottery jackpot. his attorney says he's now being detained by immigration. ramone ortiz hit the lottery in maryland two years ago, because he doesn't have a social security number, he asked a co-worker to claim the $450,000 payout. he claims that co-worker kept the money. ortiz and his wife are now suing for fraud. their attorney says the fraud case will still move forward while ortiz's fate is being decided. still ahead, police think a man arrested for a horrific crime in central park this week may also be responsible for a cold case in west virginia. one of d.c.'s hottest restaurants puts down new roots up on capitol hill. the new take on the new hank's oyster bar, next.
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where's kate? there she is. >> yeah, that katie. bethesda's own olympic gold medali medalist, katie ledecky got a shoutout from president obama today. they had a special ceremony honoring u.s. olympians and paralympians. they presented the obamas with the american flag they carried during the opening ceremonies. team usa won 104 medals, 46 of them gold. hank's oyster bar, a longtime staple in dupont circle and in old town, now the chef has expanded opening a new hank's up on the hill. >> does it measure up to the
5:41 pm
high standards of the namessake? here's what tom had to say. >> reporter: oysters on the half shell, lobster rolls, a burger for those who don't fish. the cooking at the oyster bar on the hill is similar to what you'll find at the other seafood joints in alexandria. as i fork into a clutch of supple squid and shrimp, and garlicky cooked tomato, i could be eating at any of the other rival siblings. the narrow dining room is refreshing in its simplicity. but only the new place can claim the handy work of gina from behind a long marble bar, she's dispensing her own sodas, strawberry cinnamon, and carving ice to order from a big block kept cold by a chiller set into
5:42 pm
the counter. the watering hole even has its own name, the eddy bar, a reference to swirling waters. next time i'll know to save room for what's made freshly available in alexandria, and now on the hill, keylime pie, fruit cobbler, or maybe chocolate cake. >> they don't do dessert. >> they give you a little piece of chocolate. we have to go to the hill to get key lime pie. >> let's mull over that, coming up, mull over this, the epa tries to celebrate hispanic heritage month, and there's trouble. now someone on the hill is involved. we'll have that story coming up. i'm liz crenshaw. does the first lady of the united states receive a paycheck? that's the question. the answer coming up heavy load in america. but mitt romney plan, a middle class to $2,000 more a year in taxes. multi-millionaires like himself hits the middle class harder... bigger break. forward for america? this message.
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an e-mail never meant to go beyond a federal agency has gone
5:46 pm
viral because of what some people consider disparaging remarks toward hispanics. but the message was meant to celebrate hispanic heritage month. richard jord on is live in the newsroom with more on this controversy. >> reporter: the e-mail went out yesterday and included some facts. but there were also generalizations that have some people angry and outraged. a photo and an e-mail meant to celebrate hispanic heritage month, instead interpreted as an insult to hispanics. it was at the environment protection agency, and titled hispanic news you can use and prominently features a picture with a mural of a marxist revolutionary. the text seems to have been copied off the website buzzle, list sog-called cultural facts. it reads, in most of the families, father acts as a chief
5:47 pm
of the family while mother works as a housewife. critics say the message perpetuates an inaccurate stereotype. >> i do know a girl right here, she's going to school, and she's going to be something, probably successful. but you don't hear about them. >> reporter: but it's the offensive photo of a hated revolutionary that caused the largest outcry. florida congresswoman issued a statement saying, i am aghast and upset that a federal agency would send an e-mail depicting chara in celebration of hispanic heritage month. he used his position as enforcer in chief of the castro brothers to send countless innocent persons before the firing squads. the employee sent an apology e-mail. in it, she writes she did not know who the person was in the photo, and apologized to anyone who was offended. the epa responds saying, this
5:48 pm
e-mail was drafted and sent by an individual employee, and without official clearance. shortly after sending the e-mail in question, the individual apologized to her colleagues for the inadvertent error. the employee who sent out that e-mail said the picture attached was meant to dress up the fact sheet. both are now being criticized. hispanic heritage month begins tomorrow. let's go to the weather. we have a beautiful weekend. and then what happens? >> and then the rain begins. and the rain will begin on monday, and it will not end -- well, until tuesday. and then it gets nice again with plenty of sunshine. well see a lot of rain potentially next week. today, no rain, a few clouds. 81 the high today. actually, 82 the high. sitting at 81 right now. dew point up a little bit. you probably notice the extra humidity in the atmosphere today. 84 in rockville. annapolis coming in at 79
5:49 pm
degrees. here's what we're seeing in the radar the nothing around our region here. this is our frontal boundary, the first front that moves through overnight tonight. could be a chance of a sprinkle this evening. but we are going to remain on the dry side for most of us. don't worry about any rain overnight. 58 tonight in leesburg. 57 in culpepper. cambridge coming in tonight at 63 degrees. that front pushes on through the area. and behind it, we see some gorgeous weather. 77 tomorrow. 79 in the d.c. area. 78 in leesburg. 79 in culpepper. a lot of great events happening this weekend. both saturday and sunday are looking great. then as i mentioned, we have to turn our attention down to the south. a frontal boundary and area of low pressure moves out of the gulf of mexico toward our region. that will bring us a lot of rain. potentially heavy rain on both monday and tuesday. overnight monday night into tuesday. one to three inches of rain. you can see we could be dealing with flood concerns. winds to 30 miles an hour. we're not talking about severe
5:50 pm
weather here. what we are talking about is a rather lengthy rain event we'll have to deal with over the next couple of details. you want to make sure you're ready for that. 79 tomorrow. 79 on your sunday. monday and tuesday, talking about that rain chance. as we move through next week, getting cooler. high of only 73 on wednesday. once again, plenty of sunshine. facebook kills off a popular actor and david gregory dancing machine. here's what's trending today. morgan freeman is not dead, but someone on facebook keeps trying to kill off the 75-year-old "shawshank redemption" star. the reports another hoax announcing his death this week drew more than 800,000 condolences. this is the second time recently that the actor has been victim of a prank about his death. here's a question for you. where does a bear swim? anywhere he wants. this is a black bear being tracked in southern california. he was wandering around a neighborhood and occasionally taking dips in the pool, or trying to. he had an annoying helicopter
5:51 pm
buzzing overhead, tracking him. but you know what, it's hot in southern california. and even a bear needs to cool off in some cool waters. he eventually moved on. he did take a dip in several swimming pools before wandering back into the woods. because, you know, they have other things to do. last night's stunning finale -- oh, my gosh. >> david gregory was quite the dancing machine on the "today" show this morning. he performed in the dog act that won the grand prize in america's got talent final. there he is with the shades. cy taught david and the "today" show crew how to do the horse, the signature dance performed in the viral music video gangnam style. this is all viral now. go, david.
5:52 pm
between david and the bear, i don't know where i am anymore. what's a reputable online site for checking your credit report and your credit score? does the first lady of the united states get paid? it's friday and liz crenshaw joins us with this edition of "ask liz." >> much tamer segment than the bears. >> we'll have dancing for you later. the first question comes through e-mail from susan. what's a reputable online site to check your credit report? >> the fair credit reporting acts gives you the right to a free copy of your credit report once every 12 months. this includes reports from all three credit reporting companies. experian, transunion and equifax. simply logon to annual credit the ftc said this is the only authorized website authorized for free, annual credit reports under the law. and remember, no reputable credit agency will ever e-mail you or call you asking you for personal information. >> which is important to remember. >> yes.
5:53 pm
>> a follow-up question from annette from washington wants to know, she knows already how to get her yearly credit report but wants to know how to get a copy of her credit score. >> we turn to for this answer. it says there are lots of numbers claiming to be your credit score. but the one most lenders look at is called a fico score. fico scores can range from 300 to 850. a score of above 750 is considered excellent. you can get your score at you're going to pay a fee of $19.95 for it. you can also buy your fico score from the credit bureau websites. again, those are experian, transunion and equifax. >> does the first lady get paid? >> bill, we took your question to the first ladies library in canton, ohio. no, the first lady does not receive a salary since it's not an official government position. they develop their own role because they have no official
5:54 pm
set duties at all. our current first lady, michelle obama, has developed her role by leading the let's move campaign which tackles the challenge of childhood obesitobesity. if you have a question, send it to ask and have a great weekend. >> yes. >> going to be lovely. >> it is. jim? after the break, a man arrested in a brutal sex assault in central park, now police believe he might be responsible for the murder of a w
5:55 pm
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5:57 pm
new information tonight about the man accused of raping a woman in new york central park. police say he has a lengthy criminal background, and that he may be connected to the murder of a west virginia woman. tracy strahan has the details. >> reporter: police say he raped an elderly woman in broad daylight. this shows him holding a backpack similar to the one stolen from his victim. he was questioned for hours until finally being charged. authorities found memory cards from his 73-year-old victim's camera on him. she says she caught mitchell
5:58 pm
exposing himself in an isolated area of the park days earlier, and angered him by snapping a photo. before wednesday's attack, she told investigators he asked the chilling question, do you remember me? >> anytime, day or night, that a rape or sexual assault occurs, is shocking. >> reporter: to prevent this type of violence from happening again, a city council woman said they will have free self-defense classes. >> really, the message this woman is sending out there that she will be back in the park, that she's a survivor, that this is her city, and that she's not going to yield it to him or anyone else. >> police say the suspect is a career criminal, and has been arrested before on kidnapping charges in his native virginia. now at 6:00 tonight, security threats on three college campuses. right now, the remains of
5:59 pm
four americans killed in libya this week are back on american soil. while the uprising in the muslim world continues to intensify. in virginia, new tough rules on abortion clinics. it is reigniting an old battle about women's health. in a week of extraordinarily difficult moments, this one was especially difficult. president obama and secretary of state hillary rodham clinton received the bodies of an ambassador and three other americans killed in the attack on the u.s. consulate in benghazi. meanwhile today, anti-american protests spread to at least 17 countries. and authorities in libya say they have made arrests in the attack that killed ambassador chris stevens and the other americans. we have a report from tripoli. >> reporter: the libyan government says an investigation is under way to determine who was responsible for the attack on an american consulate that killed the ambassador and three other american officials. now, according


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